About Us

Jeremiah Cook has been a licensed massage therapist since December 2006.  He graduated from Northwest School of Massage in Washington State with high honors.  His training included a variety of bodywork modalities ranging from the traditional Swedish massage to Eastern methods of Shiatsu and Jin Shin Do (acupressure.)  Jeremiah is also trained in the energetic technique of Reiki.

During a typical session, Jeremiah melds these various styles into a massage specifically catered to the needs of each individual client.  He has especially enjoyed developing his work of the neck.  His technique is great not only for the normal neck and shoulder kinks but also for retraining the neck muscles after a motor vehicle accident.

Jeremiah is often asked why he chose this new path of massage therapy rather than continuing his profitable career in sales, sales management and sales training.  His answer is simple-being a massage therapist is a continuation of his desire to help enrich others’ lives.  Massage impacts the body, the mind and the spirit-a complete use of all his talents!

Along with his wife and 3 children, Jeremiah has enjoyed being a resident of Carlton since Spring of 2000. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University.

Jeremiah invites you to call, text, (503.939.2946) or email today to schedule your time to start on a new path.....to a healthier, more relaxed body and mind.